ElectrOdyssey Musicology : Journey with us through Singapore’s pop music history

ElectrOdyssey Musicology - 7pm on Sat 27 Sep 2014

Join us on Sat 27 Sep 2014 as we presen ElectrOdyssey: Musicology, a live electronic music journey spanning Singapore‚Äôs pop music history from the 1960s till today. ElectrOdyssey: Musicology is a celebratory showcase of the musical works from the artists in the EML collective. Each live electronic music performance blends samples of local pop music Continue Reading →

Ocean’s Children Live at Esplanade

Skysprinter and Mitch Advent live at Esplanade

Sat 30/8 Electronic Music Forum – How can we develop the Singapore electronic music scene?

Join us on Sat 30/8 as we meet a distinguished panel of electronic music producers, DJs, entrepreneurs and leaders of the major electronic music collectives of Singapore, to discuss how we can develop the electronic music scene in Singapore. Listen and learn how different electronic music genres have been growing here. Share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions with the panel. Meet the movers and Continue Reading →

Sat 23/8 Live Performance + Controller Workshop at CREATORY

What’s the difference between an exciting live electronic music show and a laptop musician who looks like he’s just checking email? Try for yourself as POP LAB presents Electronic Music Lab (EML) in two live workshop / demos on 23 August 2014 as part of CREATORY.
Get your hands on MIDI controllers, knobs, faders and launchpads, and be part of the live music making as EML Principal Tutor Benjamin Continue Reading →