Sat 30/8 Electronic Music Forum – How can we develop the Singapore electronic music scene?

Join us on Sat 30/8 as we meet a distinguished panel of electronic music producers, DJs, entrepreneurs and leaders of the major electronic music collectives of Singapore, to discuss how we can develop the electronic music scene in Singapore. Listen and learn how different electronic music genres have been growing here. Share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions with the panel. Meet the movers and Continue Reading →

Sat 23/8 Live Performance + Controller Workshop at CREATORY

What’s the difference between an exciting live electronic music show and a laptop musician who looks like he’s just checking email? Try for yourself as POP LAB presents Electronic Music Lab (EML) in two live workshop / demos on 23 August 2014 as part of CREATORY.
Get your hands on MIDI controllers, knobs, faders and launchpads, and be part of the live music making as EML Principal Tutor Benjamin Continue Reading →

Epic EML Events in August and September


This is the schedule for our Epic EML August and September! Please save the dates in your calendar, and come and see us at least one (or two or three) events.   Date Event Location Who’s Performing August Thursday – Friday 14 – 15 August STUDENT LIFE FAIR Live show NUS Saturday16 August, 3 – Continue Reading →

Ocean’s Children and SkySprinter Live at NUS UTown


Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting. Just a few weeks ago, our very own Ocean’s Children and Skysprinter opened the show for Japan’s Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega (コバルト爆弾αΩ – kobaruto bakudan arufa omega), playing at NUS UTown. Here are photos from the show, and hopefully we’ll upload the video soon too.

Experimental Electronic Event by Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega


Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting. A big Thank you to Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega (コバルト爆弾αΩ – kobaruto bakudan arufa omega), for your performance and workshop at NUS UTown! Here are the photos and video. 私たちは大宮さんに紹介してもらい感謝しています! Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omegaの二人の設立メンバーが彼に会うためここに来てくれて、ベンが主任講師をするElectronic Music Lab(NUSのベースに活動)でベンにコンタクトしてくれたの。一緒にNUSでイベントをオーガナイズして成功させたわ。そこで、Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omegaはパフォーマンスをするだけではなく、どのようにテクノロジーを使うかというワークショップもしてくれた。学生にとっては目から鱗だったわ。 For the first time ever in Singapore, catch this exclusive live performance Continue Reading →